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Using the Law of Attraction WISELY

The Book with Both the Information and the Tools to Greatly Improve Your Life

Ron Palumbo

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For over 25 years Ron has facilitated what many former attendees call "the most powerful workshop ever." This book is a result of the many attendees who’ve asked, "Where can I buy your book?" Finally, our Using the Law of Attraction WISELY Workshop is in print. "Do the work… your life improves! There are no exceptions!" (This has been our guarantee for over 25 years). Apply the tools in this book to remove the bad programming (the garbage) in your subconscious mind. Your energy becomes more focused and you are more empowered. Empowered people are more effective in their work. Their lives improve as all life areas flow more beautifully and more harmoniously. A Dallas woman wrote: "my sales had been in the mid-70’s prior to attending your workshop… . but after attending your workshop and applying the techniques, my sales ‘skyrocketed’ to 98%… and have been in the 90’s ever since." She went on to become the top salesperson in her company that year, and was awarded a new car.

Author Bio

During youthful personal experiences, Ron Palumbo discovered that what we think and say has a powerful affect upon our feelings. After graduating from college, personal events caused Ron to experience the power of forgiveness and release in changing one’s consciousness and one’s life. When a friend had a financial challenge, Ron shared these tools with him. Within days, this friend had two work bids accepted. A Florida woman had a financial challenge and a work environment challenge. Upon sharing these tools with her, within ten days she had a new job, in a better office environment, which was twelve miles closer to her home … plus a 50% pay increase.