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Color by Numbers

Over 120 Stickers

176 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Little ones can unleash their creativity with this adorable array of over 150 color-by numbers images, plus 120 stickers for added decoration!

Kids can create their own works of art with this charming coloring by numbers book. By following the guidance of the color key at the bottom of each page, they can fill in the numbered sections and slowly reveal the pictures of magical creatures, pets and farm animals, and dinosaurs hidden within the design.

• Color-by-numbers books turn coloring into a puzzle! As children follow the key to color-in each section, the design slowly reveals itself
• Coloring helps children develop fine motor skills, concentration and creative thinking skills.
• Over 120 stickers are included to add the completed scenes, including flowers, animals and other decorations

Perfect for children aged 4+.

Author Bio
Claire Stamper is a children's illustrator with a flair for dynamic and colorful character design. She has utilized her skills in a variety of projects including Vodafone's red squirrel chat stickers, an assortment of designs for Kilogramme Animation Studio and being the sole illustrator for the entire curriculum of Learning For Little Fingers piano school.