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The Essential Body & Spirit Collection: Meditation, Mindfulness, Chakras

Julian Flanders Tara Ward Wendy Hobson

Arcturus Publishing Limited
Makes an ideal gift for anyone interested in meditation and mindfulness.
Author Bio

Tara Ward had her first psychic experience at 8 years old. As an adult she pursued formal psychic training, whilst also studying T'ai Chi, Yoga, aromatherapy, Healing and Kirlian photography. She is a trained Kirlian counsellor. Books include: Discover Your Psychic Powers & The Healing Handbook.

Wendy Hobson is a highly experienced writer and editor who has worked for prestigious publishers such as BBC Books, Macmillan Education, Oxford University Press and Cassell. Her previous titles include The Bullet-Point Life Planner and The Power of Angels.

Julian Flanders is a Londoner by birth and has spent a lifetime involved with books: reading, proof reading, editing and writing them. He has written on a variety of subjects, including spirituality and creative writing. He lives in Kent in the UK.