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Discover Your Psychic Self

A Practical Guide to Psychic Development and Spiritual Self

Tara Ward

304 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Have you ever felt you possessed a 'sixth sense' or intuition which you've found difficult to explain? Despite man's extraordinary advances throughout history, do you still feel something is missing: a deeper, more spiritual meaning to life?

Discover Your Psychic Self addresses these issues and much more by taking you into the realms of greater awareness; it shows you step by step how to uncover your own true potential, using both meditative and physical exercises. Most importantly, this book has been written in a simple, factual style, making this complex subject both easily accessible and fascinating.

Fortune telling: tarot, palmistry, crystal gazing...
Meditation techniques: breathing exercises, aura work, chakras...
Using psychic defences: ausric brushing, cleansing a room...
Psychic healing on yourself and others

Take your first steps in this infinite journey and culture a new relationship with your inner self.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Arcturus Inner Self Guides are accessible introductions to transformative spiritual practices, including meditation, tarot, natural magic and more. With beautiful modern cover designs, this series makes a wonderful set for readers to take their first steps into the esoteric arts.

Author Bio
Tara Ward had her first psychic experience at 8 years old. As an adult, she pursued psychic training, while also studying T'ai Chi, yoga, aromatherapy, healing and Kirlian photography. She is a trained Kirlian counsellor. Her books include: Meditation and Mindfulness, The Complete Book of Healing and Mindful Journaling.