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The Horror Coloring Book

Juan Calle Santiago Calle

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Terrifying deities, unspeakable demons and nightmare visions fill the pages of this spine-chilling coloring book.

Inspired by Lovecraftian fantasy, classic horror movies and ancient myths, this collection of over 60 designs will transport you to uncharted plains of existence. Inside you will find otherworldly horrors, spliced creatures, satanic rituals, reanimated corpses and more. The original artwork has been illustrated by Juan and Santiago Calle and appears on single-sided pages to prevent bleed-through.

So grab your corpse-crimsons, brain-tissue-purples and grey-matter greys and bring these images to life, if you've got the guts...

Author Bio

Juan Calle is a professional artist with experience of working for a range of comics and children's illustrated titles. He lives in Miami, USA.

Santiago Calle is a professional artist and animator living in Colombia.