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How to Raise the Vibration around You, Volume I

Working with the 4 Elements to Create Healthy and Harmonious Living Spaces

Dawn James Phoenix Fortune

184 pages
Lotus Moon Press
This book will change the way you look at your home and work environments and all spaces you occupy as you realize the power you have to change and improve your surroundings naturally, while working with the 4 elements.Nature has provided us with a bounty of natural ways to maintain health and harmony, and in this new release-How to Raise the Vibration around You, Volume I—author Dawn James eloquently shows you how to raise the frequency in your home, work space and general surroundings using the elements of Air, Light, Water and Earth’s gifts.As in her first book Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life, Dawn James leaves no stone unturned as she offers readers hundreds of practical ways to raise the vibration around them. In How to Raise the Vibration around You, Volume I, Dawn shows you how to do this by improving air quality, physically and aesthetically; being aware of beneficial and harmful lighting; working in harmony with the sun and the moon; raising the frequency of your water, for drinking, bathing and cleaning; and working with Earth’s gifts to positively transform your life and connect to the elements that we rely on for sustenance and well-being. Above all, Dawn guides us to our ultimate goal—of living and “being” in harmony with all aspects of life and with the planet through conscious thinking and action.
Author Bio

Dawn James is the founder of raiseyourvibration.ca, an organization dedicated to providing education, inspiration and support related to understanding and enhancing vibrational frequency for overall health and well-being (personally and globally). Dawn became a sound healer and writer following a series of spiritual events in 2003 that opened her eyes and heart to the world of spirituality, higher consciousness and vibrational frequency. In that moment, she realized her soul purpose to usher in a new world, where peace and harmony would be the norm. She humbly accepted her new role as “teacher.”Today she shares her knowledge and gift of healing through sacred sound circles, retreats and her online store. She is an international speaker, green-living advocate, musician and author of several books on vibrational frequency and harmonic living. Learn more at www.raiseyourvibration.ca or www.dawnjames.ca