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Portion Photos of Popular Foods

Mary Abbott Hess

136 pages
Culinary Nutrition Publishing
The updated classic Portion Photos of Popular Food 2nd edition is an important educational tool used in a variety of community clinical research and public health settings where nutrition assessment and nutrition education are conducted. It is a convenient and versatile tool for group or individual instruction in classes hospitals clinics outpatient counseling facilities and wellness centers. Actual-size full color photographs of more than 100 of the most frequently consumed foods in the US are shown one food per page in three portion sizes. Varied serving sizes allow clients to identify actual sizes of their food choices and to recognize appropriate portions. A handy alternative to food models this sturdy fully-laminated spiral-bound hardcover book also includes photos of standard food measuring equipment and common household dinnerware. Tables of portions shown in volume or measure and weight in grams are included. New to this edition are detailed tables providing nutrient data carb counting units food exchanges and USDA reference amounts customarily consumed.