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Song of God

Azrael Ondi-Ahman

860 pages
Azrael Ondi-ahman
The 'Song of God' is a new book of scripture revealed by our Heavenly Parents for the benefit and progression of all humankind. This revelation was brought forth by Azrael Ondi-Ahman who, in 1979, began receiving visitations by highly evolved, glorified human beings who identified themselves as God. After seven years of instruction, Azrael was commissioned to begin writing what would become the foundation for a new dispensation, and a new humanity.The foundation upon which the True Gnostic Church has been restored, the 'Song of God' begins with the premise that the only proper religion for mankind is humanity itself, for it is from this humanity that God first evolved, for God, who is our future, came from humans, who are Their past.Extraordinary in depth and scope, the 'Song of God' is a true restoration of gnosis. Both radical and affirming, this modern revelation is an anthem of knowledge, myth and mystery that will sing to the heart and uplift the mind. The 'Song of God' is a grand unification of wisdom and truth, confirming with sound clarity the beauty, value and potential of humankind. This book presents a new standard, a new choice that both challenges and empowers us to let go of hurtful dogmas and move forward into an age of greater peace and understanding.
Author Bio
Azrael Ondi-Ahman, a.k.a., Archie Dean Wood, was born on November 14, 1947 into a strict religious Southern Baptist family. From his earliest childhood, Azrael could not believe the stories and descriptions in the Bible claiming to depict the nature and disposition of God. This began a long spiritual quest filled with a great many sacrifices, hardships and heartaches.At the age of 31, Azrael went alone into the mountains to confront in solitude the issues of God, mankind, mortal life, and the failure of current religious thought to address—in any reasonable manner—such great issues.On June 19, 1979, deep in the Uinta Wilderness Area of Utah, Azrael witnessed the real-life, physical appearance of highly evolved, celestialized, human beings who identified themselves as God.For four days and three nights, Azrael communed with the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother of all mankind. This profound event was the first in a continuing stream of communications and visitations, and marked the beginning of an extraordinary revelation brought forth in a new book of scripture, the 'Song of God'.