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Pequot Plantation

The Story of an Early Colonial Settlement

Richard Radune

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Pequot Plantation tells the exciting story of southeastern Connecticut in early colonial days. The adventures of many early settlers are followed as they journeyed from England to Massachusetts and then to Pequot Plantation where they shaped the destiny of the new settlement. These families made an incredible effort to establish homesteads and create successful communities. At the same time, Indian fortunes declined in spite of the support they gave the new plantation and the valiant effort the Indians exerted to maintain thier place in a changing world. This is their story as well.
Author Bio
Richard Radune is a 1965 graduate of Syracuse University with a major in U. S. History. He served during the Vietnam War as an Air Force Captain at Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota and in the Alaskan Air Command at Sparrevohn AFS, Alaska. Following a 30 year business career in different parts of the country, Mr. Radune retired in 1998 and returned to his native Connecticut where his life long interest in history could be readily pursued. Mr. Radune has always been interested in the broad sweep of history and the forces spurring movement of large groups of people from place to place. The establishment of Pequot Plantation in southeastern Connecticut offered a perfect opportunity to illuminate this phenomenon. The resulting story provides a fascinating glimpse at the events and the people who influenced colonial history in the 1600s.