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YogAlign, Pain-free Yoga from Your Inner Core

Michaelle Z. Edwards

384 pages
Hihi Manu Press
YogAlign, Pain-free Yoga from Your Inner Core is a book explaining a whole new yoga method based on keeping the spine in natural alignment by viewing the body globally instead of as separate parts. YogAlign utilizes self massage and special breathing exercises toning the core from the inside out, and there is no pain in the process. All YogAlign positions simulate how our body moves in real life functions. YogAlign aligns the body into natural effortless posture from the very first session and gives people the tools to correct and change poor posture and breathing habits that lead to chronic pain, illness, and premature aging. The book is full of easy to understand anatomical concepts and illustrations that show how our body is supported by lines of connective tissue that run from head to toe. The book includes a DVD that shows you how to do yoga that gives you instant flexibility while developing strength at the same time. Case histories and powerful before and after photos show how anyone can in just a few hours change chronic tension and posture patterns that create pain and dysfunction all over the body. Using special exercises that release tension, YogAlign helps one to become sustainable within their own body developing fluid movement patterns and posture that is natural and easy to maintain. Many commonly taught yoga postures and abdominal exercises can actually cause more harm than good and the author warns people to avoid standing on the head, getting tight abs, and bending over with the knees straight. This book is full of common sense that is all too uncommon as well as user friendly information to help anyone at any age become strong, flexible and aligned for a pain-free life.
Author Bio
Michaelle Edwards is a master yoga teacher, licensed body worker, and movement educator who has spent over a decade creating a method of yoga based on natural spine alignment, breath work that tones the core from the inside out. After her own series of injuries from practicing yoga, Edwards set out to create a system that would follow the natural design of the body and create no force or pain in the process. YogAlign was created on the island of Kauai where Michaelle lives on her organic farm, runs the Kauai Yoga school and enjoys her free time swimming, surfing, hiking, playing music, and doing ballroom dancing with friends.