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God at Work in Saints of Old

Ervin H. Hershberger

Vision Publishers Llc
This was the third work of significance brought into print by Hershberger. In this work he focuses upon men of God in Scripture. Many of these men were from ordinary human ancestry but rose to significant positions in God's plan. God uses ordinary men to do His work in extraordinary ways. God is continually working in the lives of ordinary men to accomplish His extraordinary purposes. He is continually testing and refining His own to present us complete in Christ. No one can improve on what God has done, is doing, and will do. This book is excellent for group study and personal blessing.
Author Bio
Ervin N. Hershberger was an energetic and diligent student of Scripture. In his lifetime, he wrote many articles for publication. He was the founding editor of Calvary Messenger and served in that capacity for many years. He also taught at Calvary Bible School in Arkansas in many of his active years. His teaching specialty was the Old Testament and the study of the Tabernacle. He was active as deacon in his church until his age and health caused him to lay the work down. Hershberger had a love for people, especially young people. He remained active in faithful Christian service until his death.