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Walk To Win

The Easy 4 Day Diet & Fitness Plan

Fred A. Stutman

Medical Manor Books
Walk to Win present irrefutable medical evidence that a regular walking program reduces the incidence of heart disease and strokes, reduces blood pressure, relieves stress and tension, retards certain forms of arthritis and cancer, promotes weight loss and weight control, and increases longevity from 15-25 years above the normal life span. Walk to Win is an easy, safe, effective method of achieving permanent weight loss and cardiovascular fitness
Author Bio
Dr. Stutman has been referred to as the Father of the Walking Revolution, and has been given the honorary title of Dr. Walk by his patients. He is credited with having started one of the nations first walking programs for heart attack patients, while he was a medical officer in the U.S. Air Force. In 1979 when America was caught up in the jogging craze, Dr. Stutman's first walking book, Walk, Don't Run was published. As Americans crowded into aerobic and fitness centers during the eighties, Dr. Stutman continued to win over many converts to his walking program, with the publication of his nationally acclaimed book, Walk, Don't Die. Now in his new best seller, Walk To Win, the doctor and his merry band of walkers have finally won the battle of the fitness revolution, by providing that walking in the safest and most effective exercise for good health, weight control, cardiovascular fitness and longevity. Dr. Stutman has written a total of 7 books on walking, and has published numerous articles on the medical benefits of walking