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Community Educators

A Resource for Educating and Developing Our Youth

Patricia Moore Harbour

206 pages
Kettering Foundation Press
Community Educators: A Resource for Educating and Developing Our Youth asserts that the relationships between education, community, and democracy are inseparable and illustrates that education is broader than just schooling. Harbour challenges current thinking about education and reveals how the public participates in the education and development of youth. This book is a call for action and responsibility—both individual and collective—to transform education beyond simply reforming schools. The author’s professional educational experiences, combined with stories from the field by and about youth and community educators, exemplify the importance of citizen collaboration among the various sectors of the community, including youth, parents, schools, businesses, and neighborhood residents. The book includes a foreword by Kettering Foundation president David Mathews.

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Author Bio
Dr. Patricia Moore Harbour, CEO and President of the Center for Quality Education, is an author, educator, speaker, and a certified professional coach. An Associate of the Charles Kettering Foundation she conducts participatory action research about the role, responsibility and impact of citizens educating youth. She is a former Public school educator and Administrator, federal government employee and Founding Director of Healing the Heart of Diversity, a Fetzer Institute initiative. Recent publications include an article, "Communities Are a Resource; Broadening the Definition of Education [National Civic review Journal, Volume 104], and a book, Community Educators ~ A Resource for Educating and Developing Our Youth. Published by the Kettering Foundation. She received a doctorate of Education from Vanderbilt University. Pat serves on the advisory board for The Journey for success, a program supporting Single Moms to gain self sufficiency; She is a participant in the the Shannon Institute Leadership Program sponsored by the Wilder Foundation Minneapolis, MN.