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Thomas Aquinas on Seeing God

The Beatific Vision in his Commentary on Peter Lombard’s Sentences IV.49.2

Katja Krause

296 pages
Marquette University Press
Thomas Aquinas's first account of the beatific vision 'face-to-face', as presented in his commentary on Peter Lombard's Sentences, integrates the theological discourse of his times with newly available philosophical reasoning of Greek and Arabic provenance. This book provides a translation of book IV, distinction 49, question 2 of Aquinas's commentary and, in comprehensive introductions and notes, examines how Aquinas solved the most profound conceptual dilemmas of his Latin predecessors.
Author Bio
Katja Krause, Professor of the History of Science at the Technical University Berlin, is a historian of medieval philosophy and early science. She is currently also leading a research group on “Experience in the Premodern Sciences of Soul and Body, ca. 800–1650” at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin. Prior to this dual appointment, Krause was Assistant Professor in Medieval Thought at Durham University, UK, and a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Divinity School.