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Primer For Non-Native Speakers

Philip Metres

40 pages
The Kent State University Press
“After reading Primer for Non-Native Speakers, I feel like I’ve just come back from a trip to Russia. Philip Metres’s brilliantly compressed lyrical narratives capture the grandeur and the bleakness of an almost mythological country, where a bronze statue of the great poet Pushkin now gazes out on the golden arches, and the swear of a slammed door is more expressive than a mouthful of words. These are subtle, accomplished, shimmering poems that explore the nuances of being an outsider in a language.”—Maura Stanton
Author Bio
Philip Metres teaches English at John Carroll University. His poetry has previously been published in Literal Latté, Minnesota Review, River Styx, Spoon River Poetry Review, Mid-American Review, and Best American Poetry 2002.