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Reconstructing Russia

The Political Economy of American Assistance to Revolutionary Russia, 1917-1923

Leo C Bacino

240 pages
The Kent State University Press
Reconstructing Russia focuses on the Wilson administration’s efforts to find some way to provide economic support to Russian Siberia as a counterpoint to German economic influence. The connection between the Wilson administration’s efforts to provide economic assistance in Siberia and the Marshall Plan becomes even more significant at the close of the twentieth century as contemporary debates are waged over the issue of economic assistance to the former Soviet Union. Bacino places Wilson’s Russian policy in a new light and examines it from a government-wide perspective. He analyzes several significant issues and gives a fresh look at one of the most confusing episodes in Wilsonian foreign policy.
Author Bio
Leo C. Bacino received his Ph.D. from Northern Illinois University, where he is presently teaching in the history department.