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Through the Year with John Newton

365 Daily Readings from John Newton, author of Amazing Grace

Stephen Poxon Stephen Poxon Stephen Poxon

384 pages
SPCK Group

The Christian life of John Newton was remarkable: from a childhood marked by the tragic death of his mother and the estrangement of his father, to a ministry as a hugely influential Anglican cleric.
Known worldwide as the author of Amazing Grace, it would be nonetheless remiss to focus on this one achievement at the expense of the many.
This book seeks to delve into the character and Christian compassion of Newton, taking the reader through daily reflections based upon his works, carrying the spirit of Newton into the modern age.

Author Bio
Stephen Poxon is a freelance writer living in Hertfordshire. He is the author/editor of Through the Year with William Booth, Through the Year with Catherine Booth, Through the Year with John Wesley, and At the Master's Side. He is engaged in various writing projects.