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Challenging myths about the power-filled life

Christy Wimber

224 pages
SPCK Group
The transformation of our souls is a journey that begins with a surrendered will. Yielding to the transforming power of God is not a destination we reach, but a daily "yes" to the journey - this is how our mind is renewed. It is in this place that He defines us, refines us, and reminds us what we are here for. Our destiny - being loved and created by God - always precedes our calling. Calling can change throughout the years but God's love for us will never change. When we understand this and it transforms our identity, then we understand the Gospel. That is when we are transformed and that is how we walk in power.
Author Bio
Christy Wimber==============Christy Wimber has been part of the Vineyard Movement since it began. She is an author, speaker, and television host. For twenty-two years Christy has traveled around the world, teaching on the kingdom of God. She has appeared on 700 Club Interactive,/i> and the Spiritual Gifts webcast. She and Sean have been married more than twenty years and have two children. They live in Yorba Linda, California.