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When I Pray, What Does God Do?

David Wilkinson

224 pages
SPCK Group
What happens when we pray? Does God always answer? Why does it sometimes feel like he doesn't? Scientific developments and daily encounters with the pain of unanswered prayer can leave us wondering what to make of the whole topic. Scientist and theologian David Wilkinson explores these thorny issues, sharing his insights and struggles as he engages with scientific questions, biblical examples, and his own, sometimes painful, experiences of answered and unanswered prayer.
Author Bio

DAVID WILKINSON is the author of
God, The Big Bang and Stephen Hawkingand several other books. Professor Wilkinson has earned doctorates in both astrophysics and theology. He is principal of St John's College Durham, a commentator on popular culture, and a regular contributor to Radio4's Thought for the Day.