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Rainbows for Rainy Days

40 devotional readings that reveal God's promises

96 pages
SPCK Group

'Rainbows for Rainy Days' is a collection of 40 uplifting devotional readings for when the weight of the world is dragging you down.

Everyone has rainy days. Sometimes it's only a light shower, but other time the torrential downpour makes it unbearable to even go outside and put on a fake smile. Catherine Campbell cared for her two handicapped daughters, until they died at ages 10 and 13. Yet she firmly believes that God is good in the sunny and the rainy days, offering these comforting devotionals to encourage others who are suffering.

As an inspirational speaker she frequently encounters people with tragic stories. And yet she believes that God is Lord and that in both good times and bad, He is always good. Isaiah 40.31 says, that 'those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings like eagles.'

She comments, 'How often have you wakened in the morning knowing that the problem, or the pain, or the unpaid bill has not disappeared? We worry and fret ourselves into exhaustion. Yet God has promised us endurance. 'The great eagle cannot reach the heights merely by its own strength. As it spreads its impressive wings the bird allows the wind to carry it to places no other bird can go. This kind of flying appears effortless because the eagle trusts in a power bigger than itself: the wind!'

In this unique devotional, Catherine examines different aspects of God's love for those times when life gets hard.

Author Bio
Catherine has spoken at numerous Ladies' events, including day conferences, breakfasts and weekends, as well as individual fellowship meetings for women in various churches. Having cared for two profoundly disableddaughters for a period of almost twenty years, Catherine is often askedto speak on the subject of suffering - through testimony, bible ministryand seminars. But she also delights in opportunities to share what theBible has to say on a myriad of other subjects too! She is married to Philip. They have three children; two daughters, Cheryl and Joy, now in heaven, and a wonderful son, Paul who is married to Susie, both exceptional musicians.