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The Message of the Resurrection

Christ Is Risen!

192 pages
SPCK Group

The message of the Resurrection, believes Paul Beasley-Murray, is not just for Easter. It lies at the heart of the gospel and of the New Testament. It is good news for every day of the year.

This accessible and practical exposition takes us back to the firsthand, vivid accounts of the key witnesses who saw the risen and very tangible Jesus: Matthew, Mark Luke, John, Paul, Peter and others.

We are brought afresh to the distinctive records that together provide a full-orbed picture of the dramatic days following Christ's resurrection. We see the true meaning of this event, which changed human history for ever.

Author Bio
Paul Beasley-Murray is a retired pastor with over four decades of experience preaching, and serves as chairman of the College of Baptist Ministers. Previously he was a missionary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he taught in the Protestant theological faculty of the national university. He is also a former Principal of Spurgeon's College. His many books include The Message of the Resurrection and Transform Your Church.