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The Writing of John Calvin

An Introductory Guide

W de Greef

224 pages
SPCK Group

An introduction to the complete Calvin corpus is available in English for the first time, placing information on the Geneva Reformer's exegetical and controversial work within easy reach. This survey also includes a biography focusing on the people and events that swirled through his life. Throughout the guide de Greef relates Calvin's publications to their historical context.
Interpretive biblical works, essays and confessional treatises, and theological debates are covered, along with Calvin's correspondence and miscellaneous writings. One chapter follows the development of the Institutes of the Christian Religion through its successive revisions.
Extensive indexes and notes on major Calvin studies are included. The guide avoids quoting the works themselves but shows where to turn for Calvin's thoughts on a subject. Bibliographical data have been reworked from the Dutch edition to point out English translations.