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Murder at Aldwych Station

Allison & Busby Ltd

December 1940. With the Luftwaffe pounding London nightly the population seeks refuge in London’s underground stations. One of them is Aldwych, which has been taken out of service to shelter the British Museum’s Elgin marbles, along with more of the museum’s treasures, and hundreds of citizens crowding in. The body of a young man is found in the tunnel just outside the station. Wearing a tuxedo, but barefoot, he has been poisoned.
Soon other bodies appear, some shot, one battered to death, and DCI Saxe-Coburg’s jazz pianist wife, Rosa, becomes a target.
DCI Saxe-Coburg and Sergeant Lampson find themselves caught up in a world of underground jazz clubs, disused tunnels, looters, auxiliary fire services, espionage, as they search for a brutal and ruthless murderer. No-one is safe.

Author Bio
Jim Eldridge was born in central London towards the end of World War II, and survived attacks by V2 rockets on the Kings Cross area where he lived. In 1971 he sold his first sitcom to the BBC and had his first book commissioned. Since then he has had more than one hundred books published, with sales of over three million copies. He lives in Kent with his wife.