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The Cambridge Plot

Suzette A. Hill

288 pages
Allison & Busby Ltd

Rosy Gilchrist and her hesitant sidekicks, Felix Smythe and Professor Cedric Dillworthy, are visiting Cambridge: Rosy to attend a Newnham reunion, and Felix and Cedric to attend preparations for the unveiling of a statue of the latter’s old tutor. But plans for the statue are far from set in stone, and the meddling Gloria Biggs-Boothby is determined to see it created by another artist. It’s inconvenient, then, when he turns up dead…

As Rosy and her associates become increasingly embroiled in events, they face a number of teasing questions: is the deaf and frail Emeritus Prof. Aldous Phipps quite as benign as he seems? Is the Bursar a secret misogynist with a rooted aversion to large women (e.g. to Gloria)? And who is the unwitting husband that Dr John Smithers is so busy cuckolding?

Author Bio
Suzette A. Hill was born in East Sussex. She worked as a teacher before retiring and now lives in Ledbury, Herefordshire. At the age of sixty-four and on a whim, she took up a pen and began writing, and has since published over ten novels.