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Modern Flights

Where next?

Julia Golding Andrew Briggs Roger Wagner Brett Hudson

128 pages
SPCK Group

Here is a wonderful and wittily written introduction to science as the art of asking open questions and not jumping to conclusions. It's also an amusing excursion through evolution and anthropology which packs in a lot of learning with the lightest of touches.' REVEREND DOCTOR MALCOLM GUITE Poet, singer-songwriter, priest, and academic Chaplain at Girton College Cambridge

Join Harriet, Darwin's pet tortoise, and Milton, Schrodinger's indecisive cat on a time-travelling quest of discovery, unravelling scientific exploration and religious beliefs and how they fit together.

Throughout the centuries humans have been looking for answers to BIG questions - how did the universe start? Is there a God behind it? Has science explained away the need for a God, or can faith enhance scientific discovery?

Take to the skies in this adventure and zoom off into space , exploring the scientific discoveries of the technological age. Step into Harriet and Milton's time machine, bring some snacks, and enjoy this curious quest of discovery.

Written by Julia Golding, winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2006, and the Nestle Smarties Book Prize 2006.

Author Bio
Roger Wagner is a prolific artist and author, with works spanning threedecades. He works across many creative genres, including portrait, illustrated books, and stained glass. He is co-author of The Penultimate Curiosity.