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The Lion Day-by-Day Bible

Mary Joslin Amanda Hall

384 pages
SPCK Group

This highly successful children's Bible provides a story for each day of the year for 7 to 11 year olds.

The artwork is truly attractive and of the very highest quality, warm and bright, giving fresh perspectives on the classic stories.

Each story has approximately 250 words is complemented by a matching prayer.

The Bible features full Bible references on each page as well as a 'story finder' to help the reader choose a story to suit the occasion, making this a complete resource and enable further exploration of the Bible as the child grows up.

Author Bio
Mary Joslin ===========

Mary Joslin is married and has 3 grown up children. She began writingwhen her own children were still young and has since written books thathave been published throughout the world. For Lion, these include: Our Father, The Tale of the Heaven Tree, Do the AngelsWatch Close By?, The Merchant Enticed by the Pearl ofGreat Price and The Story of the Cross.

Amanda Hall =========== Amanda Hall is an award-winning illustrator, particularly renowned for her wonderfully decorative and colourful children's book illustrations. She excels at capturing the visual worlds of different cultures, their peoples, animals and landscapes as well as their spiritual traditions. Amanda exhibits her original illustrations at Chris Beetles Gallery St James's, London.