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So Many Everests

From cerebral palsy to casualty consultant

Diana Webster Victoria Webster

240 pages
SPCK Group
Victoria Webster was born with cerebral palsy and that meant, for many of those involved in her education, that she should limit her horizons. But Victoria had her eyes, and her heart, set on a high peak of achievement to be a doctor. And, despite everything she tackled taking her longer than most of her peers, despite assurances that her patients would object, despite suggestions that she give up, she persevered and became not only a Casualty Consultant but the first Casualty Consultant in Sweden. Surrounded by loving family from her birth onwards, Victoria's story is also her mother's, Diana's story, and together they tell of the mountains scaled and conquered. This is wonderful, heart-warming and encouraging read. 'This is easily the most moving book I have read.' Katherine Whitehorn, journalist and columnist
Author Bio
Diana Webster (Author)
Diana Webster is a retired University lecturer and writer, who taught English Language and Literature at Helsinki University. she combined this with working for Finnish radio and TV, and has also written over one hundred textbooks. She has written award-winning radio plays for adults, and had magazine articles published in the UK and the US. She was a lay representative for the Diocese of Europe on the General Synod.

Victoria Webster (Author)
Dr Victoria Webster was born in Finland and had cerebral palsy as a result of birth complications. She came the first doctor in the Nordic countries to be a specialist in Accident and Emergency medicine, and has practised all over the world, including in the US and Australia, as well as England and Sweden. She is now working as a doctor in A&E in a leading Helsinki hospital.