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Science and Belief

The big issues

Russell Stannard

176 pages
SPCK Group
This book presents the arguments behind the key issues of science and belief in a simple and impartial way to enable readers to make their own informed decisions on what they believe. Eminent scientist Russell Stannard presents nine chapters - creation, evolution, intelligent design, extra-terrestrial intelligence, psychology, morality, miracles, the anthropic principle and the relationship between science and belief each of which opens with quotations from ordinary people expressing typical views on all sides of the argument. Stannard follows by delving deeper into the issues, presenting the case for all sides and asking questions to enable the reader to make their own mind up.
Author Bio
PROF. RUSSELL STANNARD OBE. Former lecturer in Quantum Physics at the Open University, broadcaster, award-winning author, and one of the world's most senior and respected scientists. Best known in children's publishing for the Uncle Albert trilogy and A Short History of God, Me and the Universe .