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Beyond the Burning Times

A Pagan and Christian in Dialogue

Philip Johnson Gus diZerega

208 pages
SPCK Group
A fascinating dialogue between a Pagan and a Christian. Gus DiZerega, an American pagan and and an academic engages in debate with Philip Johnson, an Australian Christian theologian. The two debate questions such as the nature of spirituality, who or what is deity, how humans relate to the divine, the sacred feminine, gender and sexuality, and the teachings and claims of Jesus. At the end of the book another Pagan writer comments on what Philip Johnson has argued, and another Christian comments on what Gus DiZerega has argued. Paganism is acknowledged as the fastest growing 'religion' in western Europe and this book helps readers to engage with it and with orthodox Christian belief.
Author Bio
PHILIP JOHNSON is the founder and CEO of Global Apologetics & Mission and lectures in the World's Religions in Sydney, Australia. GUS DIZEREGA is a Third Degree Wiccan Gardnerian Elder who studied six years with a Brazilian shaman and also holds a PhD in Political Theory.