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On Prayer

Margaret Silf

96 pages
SPCK Group
What is prayer? Why do we do it - or wish we could do it? How do we begin to turn the deepest stirrings inside us into the words and the silences of prayer? When we pray, who are we praying to? Where should we pray? Is prayer just as effective and real on the bus or at work as it is in church? Is prayer for the bad days as well as the good days? These are just some of the questions Margaret Silf explores in this handy book. Written in short chunks of text for the reader to dip in and out of, this book encourages the reader to begin to find their own answers to these questions. Publishing at the same time as On Making Choices by the same author.
Author Bio
MARGARET SILF is a writer and retreat leader. Her books include Landmarks: An Ignatian Journey, Sacred Spaces: Stations on a Celtic Way and One Hundred Wisdom Stories. She is married with one daughter and lives in Crewe.