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Papa Panov's Special Day

Julie Downing Mig Holder

32 pages
SPCK Group
Originally written by French author Reuben Saillens and later retold by Leo Tolstoy, this endearing story has now acquired the status of a folk-tale. The heart-warming story of lonely shoemaker Papa Panov's generosity reflects the true spirit of Christmas. Mig Holder's much loved text is complemented by charming illustrations by Julie Downing which capture the changing mood of the story.
Author Bio
Mig Holder is a textiles designer with extensive experience of education, including teaching children and adults creative textile techniques andlife skills. Her published titles include Papa Panov's Special Day (Lion Children's Books), Mary Jones and her Bible, The Fourth Wise Man (bothwith Tony Morris), and All Safe on Board and All Safe in the Stable forCandle Books, both illustrated by Steve Smallman.