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Sounding Our Depths

The Music of Morgan Powell

Ann Starr

117 pages
Upper Hand Press Llc
Sounding Our Depths: The Music of Morgan Powell is a collection of essays about a ground-breaking contemporary composer's solo works. Every work discussed is included on the CD that accompanies the book. Starr writes in accessible prose not only for music theorists but also for any audience interested in artistic process and in the personal genesis of contemporary art. She examines the deep connection between Powell's individual world-view and his unique, independent approach to composition: Both are based in improvisation. In the 1960's, at North Texas State University, Powell picked improvisation out of jazz structure as he turned away from big band jazz under Stan Kenton's influence. Moving forward, he experimented with group improvisation in a modernist mode, establishing the Tone Road Ramblers sextet. Starr reveals Powell to be a thinker whose composition connects experience, philosophy, and fine art in a broad, humanistic tradition.
Author Bio
ANN STARR is the author of the contemporary arts blog, Starr Review (www.starr-review.blogspot.com, in which some of the material for this book first appeared.She came to writing after twenty-five years as a fine artist who showed nationally and was represented for several years by Corbett vs. Dempsey Fine Arts in Chicago.The subjects of Starr’s painting and artist’s books led to her lecturing and teaching in medical humanities programs at universities in the United States and England.Between 1984 and 2001, Starr raised her children at home. Her daughters inspired her creativity by their natural risk-taking. Her children’s freedom and intuition remain a central source of inspiration.Starr lives in Columbus, Ohio. Her personal website is www.ann-starr.com.