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Soaring Above Co-Addiction

Helping Your Loved One Get Clean While Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Lisa Espich

162 pages
Twin Feather Publishing
In Soaring Above Co-Addiction, the author shares her own experience of overcoming codependency by utilizing tools such as affirmations and visualization. In this memoir-style self-help book, the reader learns all of the traditional methods of recovery, like detachment and tough love, while also learning to master the power of the mind. This book goes beyond teaching the tools of recovery - it shows readers how to create the life of their dreams.

Soaring Above Co-Addiction has received multiple honors and awards including:
  • 2011 Pinnacle Achievement Book Award Winner
  • 2011 Indie Excellence Book Award Winner
  • USA "Best Books 2011" Award Finalist
  • 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist
  • 2011 Los Angeles Book Festival Honor Award
  • 2011 San Fransisco Book Festival Honor Award
Author Bio
Lisa Espich is a manager and coach for a Fortune 500 company. Soaring Above Co-Addiction is her debut book. After nearly two decades of living through the turbulence of an addictive relationship, she created a plan to gain back control of her life. She discovered, through the process of making her own improvements, that her husband, Dean, began to make positive changes as well. Eventually, he admitted himself into treatment, and they are now enjoying a healthy marriage. Lisa is passionate about helping other families to heal from the devastating effects of addiction. Along with her husband, she facilitates workshops based on the principles shared in her book. They live in Tucson, Arizona where they are surrounded by a supportive and loving family.