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Against All Odds

My life with Down Syndrome

160 pages
SPCK Group

'Will inspire you never to dim your light.' - Katie Piper OBE

The debut book in Katie Piper's UnSeen series looks at fashion model's Ellie Goldstein's astounding journey as she overcomes adversity and makes history by becoming the first supermodel with Down Syndrome to represent prestigious brands, such as Gucci and Adidas, in major campaigns around the world.

When Ellie Goldstein was first diagnosed with Down Syndrome, her mother was soon told that her new-born would amount to nothing. For 21 years and counting, Ellie Goldstein has been defying the odds and overcoming every hardship thrown at her.

Told she wouldn’t walk, Ellie has danced on mainstages. Told she wouldn’t learn, she has gained a college education. And told not to dream, Ellie has gone on to become the first model with Down Syndrome to be photographed for Gucci and continues to change the face of fashion from the inside out in countless international campaigns.

Ellie's heart, humour, and hard work has allowed her to achieve her dreams. An advocate for disability, Ellie uses her platform as a disabled model to act as a role model and inspire other people with Down Syndrome.

Ellie's story highlights the importance of family, and how community and support can carry people through the toughest of times. Against All Odds includes the perspective of both Ellie and her mother Yvonne, making Ellie's story the perfect read for parents and carers of those with disabilities or those who, like Katie Piper OBE, are passionate about championing the most vulnerable in society.

Against All Odds is the first book in Katie Piper's UnSeen series, which shed light on untold stories of unwavering hope that deserve to be heard. The UnSeen empowers readers to own their stories and know that they too deserve to be seen.

Ellie's inspirational story will challenge you to unlearn everything you thought you knew about living with a disability and inspire you to see adversity as fuel for your fight.

Author Bio
Ellie Goldstein is a British model with Down’s Syndrome. In 2020, Ellie became the first model with Down's Syndrome to represent the Gucci brand. Since this time, she has worked on campaigns for Nike, Vodafone, Superdrug and many more. Ellie is also studying performing arts and continues to defy the odds in changing the face of fashion and inspiring others to do the same.