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Talking to Children About Mental Health

The challenges facing Gen Z and Gen Alpha and how you can help

160 pages
SPCK Group

A practical guide to help adults understand the unique mental health challenges facing our children, teenagers and students today.

From the rise of AI personal technology to the ability to connect to your loved ones wherever you are, you’d think that we’re advancing as a society. But for our young people’s mental health such progress has come at a cost.

The book examines the key mental health problems impacting young people today (such as depression, loneliness and anxiety) and explains how the lifestyle, culture and world they are living in has a significant mental health impact.

Suitable for parents, grandparents, teachers, youth workers and anyone in a position of care or interested in the future of mental health, this book offers tools, exercises and resources to support the next generation.

Author Bio
Lily-Jo is the founder and director of award-winning mental health platform: www.thelilyjoproject.com. The Lily-Jo Project aims to eliminate the stigma of mental health by providing resources, promoting awareness, and empowering people to take control of their mental well-being. She is also a singer-songwriter and qualified counsellor and counselling supervisor with a decade of experience.