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Curious Contemplative

Daring to Discover New Depths with God

Chris Webb

240 pages
SPCK Group

Do you hunger for a richer experience of God, but just don't know where to start?

You're not alone. Many are aching to move beyond the superficialities that seem to plague so much of Church life and instead turn back to the contemplative spiritual practices of silence, solitude and stillness to help cultivate a deeper relationship with God, others and themselves.

In Curious Contemplative, Chris Webb invites you to join him in a thoughtful exploration of Christian contemplation. Following the remarkable journey of Elijah from attention seeking self-appointed leader to reflective and deep-rooted contemplative, he explores what we can learn from this story and how we can incorporate such spiritual disciplines into our own lives.
Journeying through crisis, revelation and transformation, Curious Contemplative is an ideal guide for anyone looking to explore contemplative spiritual practices for the first time or wanting ideas for revitalising and strengthening their relationship with God.
Filled with practical advice as well as discussion questions and Biblical exploration, Curious Contemplative will help you to engage confidently with the contemplative tradition so that you can live a deeper, richer life of prayer.

Author Bio
Chris Webb is an Anglican priest, author, speaker and teacher who is currently working as Spirituality Adviser to the Diocese of Leicester and as Deputy Warden at Launde Abbey. He has taught on spirituality both in the UK and around the world. His previous books include God-Soaked Life and The Fire of the Word, as well as numerous articles for Conversations journal and Explorations journal. He lives in rural Leicestershire with his wife, Sally, and the remainder of their four children who have not yet grown up and flown the nest.