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One for Sorrow

Alan Hargrave

128 pages
SPCK Group

One for Sorrow relates the story of the loss of 21-year-old Tom to cancer, and how his family lived through the aftermath. When Alan began writing the memoir, he believed it would be about his son’s illness and death. He soon realized, however, that he was recording his own painful journey through the ‘valley of the shadow’, as a father and as someone responsible for ministering to others in similar situations. His core beliefs were challenged and his perspective on life changed.

Now retired, Alan is passionate about the capacity we all have to grow through adversity and, like our crucified God, rise up from pain and death to live and love and laugh again.

Praise for the author’s Living Well:

‘Quick! Go out and buy this book! If you are a vicar, buy a dozen, and give them away. If the Church were served by more books like this, we would all be the better.’
Church Times

and An Almighty Passion:

‘With strong echoes of the BBC2 series Rev, this work too demonstrates in equal measure the struggles and rewards of faith . . . incredibly moving and authentic.’
Life + Work

Author Bio
Alan Hargrave ============= The Revd Canon Dr Alan Hargrave was born in Leeds. He trained as a Chemical Engineer before working for ten years with the Anglican Church in South America. He returned to the U.K. in 1987 to train for ordained ministry. He was appointed 'Canon Missioner' of Ely Cathedral in 2004.