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Christianity and the New Social Order

A Manifesto For A Fairer Future

John Atherton

160 pages
SPCK Group
Is Britain a broken society? Written in accessible language that speaks directly into church, public sphere and also academy it enters the current political, economic and social policy/civil society debates concerning the values and directions of British society. It covers religion and the public square, wellbeing and happiness in the public square, the new economics, faiths and social welfare, a new political manifesto.
Author Bio
John Atherton has worked in parish ministry and is Canon Theologian at Manchester Cathedral. Chris Baker has worked in various kinds of Ministry Training, and now is Research Director of the William Temple Foundation. John Reader is Rector of the Ironstone Benefice in Oxford Diocese: Honorary Senior Research Fellow with the William Temple Foundation: Visiting Scholar at Ripon College, Cuddesdon, Oxford. He has published books on Local Theology, Blurred Encounters and Reconstructing Practical Theology.