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One Day at a Time

Meditations For Carers

Dorothy M. Stewart

96 pages
SPCK Group
In Tides and Seasons, David Adam draws from the rich store of Celtic Spirituality insights which speak to our own world today. The prayers he has written for this book echo the rhythms of creation which find their parallels in our spiritual lives. The movement of the tides - incoming, full flood, ebb tide, low tide - are linked to the cycle of the year, the seasons of life and the highs and lows of our own experience. Many strong currents are at work in our lives. Yet in the ebb and flow, nothing is lost, only changed. The sea of God's love is not diminished. Even in times of despair, we are made aware that there are other shores, eternal reaches, and that after the lowest ebb, the tide will flow again.
Author Bio
Dorothy M. Stewart is the compiler and editor of One Day at a Time: Meditations for carers, published by SPCK in 2010. An experienced writer and editor of anthologies, her publications include Women of Prayer and Women of Spirit for Lion in the UK and Loyola in the USA, and The Westminster Collection of Christian Prayer, published by Westminster John Knox.