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The Things He Carried

A Journey to the Cross: Meditations for Lent and Holy Week

Stephen Cottrell

96 pages
SPCK Group

Stephen Cottrell brings home, vividly and poignantly, the physical reality of the passion story.

The narrative of Holy Week is powerful and painful, and because we know how the story ends it's easy to gloss over the difficult details, and stay in the comfort zone of our understanding. The Things He Carried is a book to stimulate thought, provoke discussion and create space for contemplation.

'In order to understand the cross you need to stand under it . . . with the imagination as well as the mind... This book aims to help in that process... But however you use it – on your own or with others - I hope you will receive some small appreciation of just how much the cross weighs, and maybe even pick it up yourself.'
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Author Bio
Stephen Cottrell is Archbishop of York, and was formerly Bishop of Chelmsford and Bishop of Reading. He has written widely about evangelism, spirituality and discipleship. Among his books are Walking Backwards to Christmas (2014), The Things He Said (2009), The Nail: Being part of the Passion (2011) and Christ in the Wilderness: Reflecting on the paintings by Stanley Spencer (2012), all published by SPCK.