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Just as I am

Personal Prayers For Every Day

Ruth Etchells

208 pages
SPCK Group
This book enables us to view the powerhouse that lies within the person [of Ruth Etchells] . . . She has aimed to provide a resource to help others in their prayers. My prayer is that that will be the case, and that this collection of prayers will become the "personal prayers" of many' George Carey in his Foreword Just as I Am presents a pattern of daily prayer, providing simple but profound material for anyone who wants to revitalize their prayer life. Although daily personal prayer is not something which most of us find easy, dialogue with God is, as the author says, 'the very oxygen of our spiritual bloodstream' So this book is meant to help us 'be where He is likely to appear' It represents the 'fruits of many years' daily conversation with God, often wrestling, sometimes resting, occasionally glorying, almost always - eventually - thanking' There is material for the morning and evening of each day for a month, as well as for the seasons of the Christian year and for special times of joy and sorrow. While drawing on a wide range of Christian writers, almost all of the prayers were specially written for this book.
Author Bio
RUTH ETCHELLS is a distinguished lay theologian who continues to act as a spiritual director. She is also a writer, poet and maker of stained glass windows.