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2012 competition annual

Collyer G.S.

240 pages
Design Media Publishing Ltd
The economic downturn over the past few years has greatly affected architects and is reflected in the almost complete lack of competitions for real projects in the United States. Although we have seen no lack of ideas in this country during this period, real projects have been few. This can be seen at all government levels, but especially in the municipalities. So it can come as no surprise that the majority of competitions for real projects in this volume reflect not only the institutional commitment of foreign nations to this process, but the dire economic straits in which US governing bodies find themselves. All of this leaves us to wonder what the immediate future will bring. The American economy is slowly recovering, but probably not at a pace to plant the notion that a competition is the best vehicle to arrive at a design for a major project. Architects who still have time on their hands should be looking abroad for opportunities-at least for the moment.