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Contemparary Green Architecture in China and Serbia

Archina University of Belgrade—Faculty of Architecture

280 pages
Design Media Publishing Ltd
Green architecture is a hot global topic and more people than ever before are aware of the importance surrounding sustainable development. Both architects from China and Serbia are searching for efficient design and construction technology for green architecture, and have created various building styles from their findings. In this book, 15 Chinese architects and 15 Serbian architects introduced low-carbon and environment-protection technology to people's daily lives. This has been done through different building types, and by establishing a bridge between China and the Middle Europe for green architecture communication and development.
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The Faculty of Architecture (Serbian: Архитектонски факултет Универзитета у Београду) is one of the 31 schools at the University of Belgrade. It shares the building with Faculties of Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The Faculty of Architecture is made up of three Departments: Architecture, Urban Planning, and Architectural Technologies.The Faculty of Architecture publishes the triannual Serbian Architectural Journal. Since the Faculty's founding in 1948, a total of 8,120 students have completed the five-year program and graduated as Bachelors of Engineering in Architecture (Serbian: Дипломирани инжењер архитектуре, Д.И.А.). In addition, 362 Masters and 139 Doctoral theses have been defended.