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El mito de la revolución masónica

Eduardo R. Callaey

304 pages
Ediciones Nowtilus SL
Un ameno ensayo que explica las claves para comprender la gran contradicción, la dualidad entre esoterismo y poder, la trama oculta y silenciada de la historia masónica.
Author Bio
Ana Lía Álvarez is currently the International Director for the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) for the Spanish-speaking world. A long-time member of the IONS, she has served as Coordinator, Stewardship Council Member, and Ex-Officio Board Member for the IONS Community Groups Network. She has also organized conferences and work groups in Argentina for the leaders of Institute of Noetic Sciences, including Edgar Mitchell (the founder), Peter Russell, Lynne Twist and Sharif Abdullah. She actively participates in IONS conferences and even coordinated the first Spanish-speaking workshops in the Spirit Rising conference in Palm Spring, California. She was also responsible for organizing two historic IONS meetings in Sao Paulo, Brasil and Buenos Aires, Argentina and in which the Support Council for the Community Groups Network met outside of its home country for the first time. In the 1990s, she co-created the TV program HOLOGRAMA, which discussed cutting edge intellectual trends in the fields of arts, sciences, and spirituality. Eduardo R. Callaey was born in Buenos Aires in 1958. He was inducted into the Masonic Order in 1989 and has presided over various Lodges. As a historian he has dedicated the past 20 years to studying the origins and history of Francmasonry. His research has produced valuable contributions in the field of Masonology, particularly with regards to linking primitive Francomasonry with the religious and military orders of the Middle Ages. His position on the religious origins of the Masonic Order has created great controversy as he is one of the key scholars on Christian Masonry in Latin America.He is the author of various books and over a hundred articles on Francmasonry. His most important works include Monjes y Canteros (Buenos Aires, 2001), Ordo Laicorum ab Monacorum Ordine (Academy of Masonic Studies, Buenos Aires, 2004), Los orígenes Cristianos de la Francmasonería (Buenos Aires, Kier, 2006), El otro Imperio Cristiano (The Other Christian Empire, Nowtilus, Madrid, 2005), and El Mito de la Revolución Masónica (The Myth of the Masonic Revolution, Nowtilus, Madrid, 2007). These last two works have been translated into Italian (Marco Tropea Publishing) and Bulgarian (Ciela Publishing House). He has served as Editor-in-Chief for the Masonic journals Símbolo and Magister. Currently he is Editorial Director for the collection Masonry in the 21st Century from Kier Publishing. He is a founding member and former secretary of the Academy of Masonic Studies of Buenos Aires (Academia de Estudios Masónicos de Buenos Aires) and is a member of the Research Center on Historic Studies of Spanish Masonry (Centro de Estudios Históricos de la Masonería Española).