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Gracious Leadership

Lead Like You've Never Led Before

Janet Smith Meeks Dustin S. Klein

224 pages
Smart Business Network LLC

In today's cut-throat, get-ahead-at-all-costs world, the idea of showing basic decency towards one another has sadly been pushed to the side. Yet, the power of respectful, positive leadership can be more impactful now than ever before. Gracious leaders stand apart because they have a better way. Leaders who listen with purpose, recognize they don't have all the answers, and demonstrate uncompromising respect to all can—and will—lead their teams to peak performance.

In Gracious Leadership: Lead Like You've Never Led Before, Janet Smith Meeks describes why the key ingredients of Gracious Leadership are proven "must have" strategies to optimize organizational results.

Meeks explains that teams of all types, within any industry, can and will reap great rewards by displaying respectful behaviors as they seek to reach greater heights. This holds true at home, on the basketball court, in the C-suite, or in the boardroom.

Through stories of her own personal journey, as well as anecdotes about those she's encountered along the way, Meeks shares lessons learned while offering candid advice to help leaders improve.

In a dog-eat-dog world where leadership crises are prevalent and the disrespect of subordinates is widespread, Meeks offers a different path. She shows how to be tough and kind, straightforward and compassionate, driven and grateful, all while being a fully respectful leader.

Gracious Leadership... it's not soft stuff... it's a fresh and strategic approach for current and aspiring leaders who seek to excel while restoring common decency and respect within all aspects of their lives.

Author Bio

Janet Smith Meeks has devoted nearly four decades of her professional life to the healthcare and financial services industries. As a C-suite executive and corporate director, she has vast experience in finance, strategy, operations, marketing, business development and leadership effectiveness. Janet has served in executive roles for four nationally known healthcare systems. She spent nine years as president of Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital in Westerville, Ohio where she led the organization to peak performance through applying the key ingredients of Gracious Leadership.

As co-founder and CEO of Healthcare Alignment Advisors, Janet guides C-suite executives in developing and implementing strategies to optimize corporate performance within a positive work environment.

By employing the key ingredients of Gracious Leadership throughout her career, along with stressing the importance of the Head-Heart connection, Janet has consistently led highly engaged teams to generate sustained value, profitability, and customer satisfaction within a culture of compassionate accountability. Janet is a sought-after speaker on a variety of leadership topics. She has significant experience in the boardroom through her many years of service as a corporate director and advisory board member within for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

Dustin Scott Klein is an award-winning business journalist, bestselling author, and the publisher and COO of Smart Business, a regional media company that publishes management journals, produces live events, manages digital properties, and operates a book development and publishing house—all designed to deliver insight, advice and strategy for senior executives. Over the past 25 years, he has interviewed thousands of business and civic leaders, and helped nearly 50 CEOs and entrepreneurs transform their ideas into books. Dustin has edited or co-written more than two dozen books, including six Amazon bestsellers: The Unexpected, Manufacturing with Heart, 5 Fundamentals to Unleash Millennial Talent, Limping on Water, and the two Amazon #1 bestsellers Undaunted and The Benevolent Dictator.