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Change The Lapel Pin

Personalizing leadership to transform organizations and communities

Alex Johnson

280 pages
Smart Business Network LLC

Leadership challenges exist at almost every organizational level due, in part, to inadequate experience and inapplicable training and education systems.

Inspired by such great Americans as William Clyde Friday, Louis Stokes, and Walter Leland Cronkite, Dr. Alex Johnson believes this predicament can be overcome through an organic and sustainable leadership approach that emerges from within.

He has constructed a leadership model based on the education, experiences, and exposures you possess. Change the Lapel Pin is designed to help you uncover these “Three Essentials of Leadership” and hone your natural abilities. It will help you establish skills and competencies immediately, especially those normally developed throughout your leadership journey. These include the capacity to transform the culture of an organization, look and act like a leader, manage as a leader, recognize and eliminate challenges, and provide for your ongoing development and that of your colleagues.

Dr. Johnson provides a window into the soul of Change the Lapel Pin through an examination of his achievements as a longstanding college president, examples of associates, and contributions of such business icons as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Howard Schultz—whose exemplary leadership propelled Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks to unprecedented levels.

Through Change the Lapel Pin, Dr. Johnson has introduced a paradigm shift in how leadership originates. Rather than being developed from without, it is rooted from within. This, he says, is the truest, most natural form of leadership: dependable, reliable, and consistent. It gets you closer to the people who do the work, both personally and structurally.

At its core, Change the Lapel Pin allows you and the organization to transform communities and lives.

Author Bio
Dr. Alex Johnson is president of Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. From meager beginnings, he has carved out a distinguished record of accomplishments. His 40 years in higher education, 25 as a college president, provide a unique perspective applicable to leaders universally and represented in Change the Lapel Pin. This book is among his many publications on college administration and special education—his teaching field. Dr. Johnson is nationally recognized as someone who shares his time and ideas with organizations, including the American Association of Community Colleges, the League for Innovation, Achieving the Dream, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and many more. In Cleveland, he represents his college on boards of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, Team NEO, The United Way, PlayHouse Square, and MAGNET. The recipient of numerous awards and honors, Dr. Johnson is proudest of Cuyahoga's achievements, including the Futures Assembly Bellwether Award, the Cisco Foundation Kohlberg Prize, and eligibility for Achieving the Dream's Leah Meyer Austin Award.