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P is for Pregnancy

An A-Z Guide to the SuperHuman Feat of Creating a Human

SK Howard

56 pages
Dry Climate Studios
P is for Pregnancy is a hilarious A-Z tour of the changes and challenges that come with creating a new baby. From the first results of the pregnancy test to hours in labor and delivery, pregnant women have to deal with changing bodies, acid reflux and bizarre cravings as well as outfitting a nursery and planning the perfect gender reveal party. P is for Pregnancy will make you laugh so hard you'll know the true meaning of stress incontinence! A perfect gift for new parents-to-be or baby shower gift, P is for Pregnancy will have you and any new mother laughing.
Author Bio
SK Howard is a renowned humorist and author of the best-selling books "C is for College", "D is for Diet" and "W is for Wedding".