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Behind the Shattered Church

The Hidden Forces Separating us into Thousands of Denominations

Willis Lawton

208 pages
Deep River Books Llc
Jesus must weep over the thousands of denominations that seek to present him to the world-disunity that shows a confusing picture of the Christian faith. How effective can we be in obedience to the Great Commission if, instead of operating as a functioning body, the Church is just a bag of body parts? Dr. Willis Lawton asserts that any hope of healing our fractured Church must begin with an understanding of how we got where we are today. He reveals the hidden forces that splintered the Church throughout the course of history and left us with countless, competing denominations. Most Christians have little idea of what happened between the end of the Book of Acts and the Reformation. Dr. Lawton identifies the critical turning points in church history, and reveals four core principles of the pre-Reformation Church that were challenged and discarded. This eye-opening retelling of verifiable events should be of special interest to young adult Evangelicals and other Christians desiring to develop a vibrant, mature faith that goes beyond the confines of denominational political correctness. Dr. Lawton's training and experience with a wide variety of denominations offers a unique platform to analyze the hidden forces that shattered the church into fragments.
Author Bio
Ed.D., educational psychology, Northern Illinois University. DeKalb, Illinois