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An Everyday Miracle

Serious Grace During Serious Illness

Tricia Metzger-Osting Rn, Bsn

128 pages
Deep River Books Llc
Often we convince ourselves that we're strong enough-that we have control over our lives. At other times, we have no choice but to wave the white flag high. We fall on our knees in surrender before our Lord and maker, pleading for enough strength to simply get through the day ahead. Early in her career as a nurse, author Tricia Metzger-Osting cared for a young mother suffering from arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a condition that only one percent of the population is born with. Often presenting with severe headaches, AVM can lead to bleeding into the brain. If not diagnosed in time, the outcome can be fatal. Within weeks of caring for this young mother, Tricia's boyfriend was diagnosed with AVM. Suddenly, Tricia was experiencing the STICU from the inside out and gaining an up-close understanding of how her patients feel. In an unexpected position, and in the darkness of the unknown, she cried out to God to intervene in her future husband's life. An Everyday Miracle is the true story of a young couple's struggle to surrender their circumstances to God. Through their ordeal, they gained peace and a new understanding of God's path for their lives. It's an encouraging story for those in the trenches, right now, waving the white flag high. When the scale tips, and life hangs in the balance, An Everyday Miracle reminds us that God has a plan, and we can trust him.
Author Bio
Although Tricia Metzger-Osting dreamed of becoming a writer, God drew her to nursing during her first year at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As she embarked on a career as a registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit, where she expected to solidify her clinical skills, she found herself instead on the other side of the spectrum. Tricia's boyfriend, Travis, (who later became her husband), unexpectedly became a patient in the ICU. Through their ordeal, she gained an understanding of what her patients' families feel, learned how to establish personal and professional boundaries, and discovered the true meaning of surrender. She watched God orchestrate a new chapter in her life. And ultimately, Tricia's nursing career did not replace her calling to write; it only enhanced it. Tricia and Travis reside in Van Wert, Ohio.