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Live Free and Eat Pie!

A Storyteller's Guide to New Hampshire

Rebecca Rule

184 pages
Islandport Press
Anyone who hopes to visit or has visited New Hampshire, and, heck, even anyone who lives there, will delight in this hilarious guide to the Granite State. Popular New Hampshire storyteller Rebecca Rule provides her interpretation of the state's history, culture, climate, attractions, vernacular, and more.
Author Bio
Rebecca Rule has lived in New Hampshire all her life (so far). She is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and taught writing classes there for a number of years. She is the author of three short story collections about New Hampshire, including The Best Revenge ­ which was named Outstanding Work of Fiction by the New Hampshire Writers Project ­ and Could Have Been Worse: True Stories, Embellishments, and Outright Lies. She is best known for her live storytelling events, many sponsored by the New Hampshire Humanities Council. She lives in Northwood, N.H., with her husband, John, and their fox terrier, Bob.